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These days there are a lot of options for non-verbal or low verbal persons with autism. For example a £3000 keyboard is currently on the market to help people who suffer from autism communicate.

Unfortunately these are very expensive, so why not build one? The aim of this project is to design such a device, using readily available components and open source software, which could be easily self-built by any parent/career. Built by anyone with access to a few basic commonly available tools. With the support of the maker community the drive should meet the following specification:

  • Robust and portable design
  • Simple text to speech from the keyboard  (Main Feature)
  • User Defined Keys for particular phrases
  • User facing, and out-facing LCD Display so to help with conversations.
  • 24 hr battery life
  • No unnecessary features

The idea is to make the device have a single function, therefore moving it away from the complexity of iPad based solutions. As well as limiting the loss and damage of expensive units, allowing the device to be easily repaired when needed, and customized for individual needs.

Solutions to these common problems should be in the hands of the individual, allowing parents/carers to take more control over how their child develops without being beholden to manufacturers.

By coming up with a DIY solution we make the product infinitely more adaptable. People can then come up with their own add-ons and peripherals and build on the device.

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Adam Woodall

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Twitter: @adam2070



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  • Raspberry PI A+
  • Custom Keyboard
  • AA Power Pack
  • 2 x Lcd's
  • Case

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