Concept Edit

During the last century, with the spread of new technologies, the issue of Media Art History preservation and conservation has opened up to main challenges: 

- to make use of digital media to preserve or share interdisciplinary historical heritage more widely

- to understand the challenge of hardware and software obsolescence in new media artworks, such as relative formats and conversation techniques 

Living Archive aims to make artworks from the past come to life through visitors interaction.

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Collaborators Edit

Concept and Group Leader

Giada Totaro

Interaction Design and Environment Building                                                             

Giada Totaro

Gregory Hough

Balandino Di Donato

3D Design 

Linlu Li

Objectives Edit

  • JHB Archive The Living Archive project has been selected for the JHB Archive 23/1961 or 28/1961 exhibition at BOM in September 2015. The art installation The Phantom of JHB’s sculpture #LivingArchive will make the missing sculpture of Julian Henry Beck come to life through visitor interaction. The piece will be recreated using a Pepper’s ghost and using motion capture technology visitors will be able to interact with it.
  • MADE ME Birmingham

Software Development Edit

Pure Data - Processing

Environment Edit

Pepper's Ghost - Leap Motion - Arduino

Support need Edit

  • 3D Design, Interaction Design

Milestones Edit

  1. Exhibition at BOM in September 2015